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[audio]Acrilic Colors - The Garden [kahvi172] - Rubicante
a guest artist this time, acrilic colors who hails from hungary. walking in the steps of nagz, colors creates some excellent melodies, addictive stances in the music and professional quality compositions on a level with many a commercial release. three tracks of delight.. this release marks the return of mp3 as a distribution format, all releases being released in both ogg and mp3. (for mp3 versions download the zip archive).
Keywords: Kahvi,IDM,Ambient
Downloads: 384
[audio]Nagz - Hringur [kahvi207] - rubicante
those long term kahvi listeners will recognise this next artist. we welcome, the curious, the odd, the crazy, nagz back into the kahvi collective with a new mini ep. not usually releasing two track eps, I`ll make an exception for this strange oddity by the crazy hungarian. nagz has always been consistant with his weird but addictive melodies and slightly eccentric production and hringur is no exception...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; netlabel
Downloads: 163
[audio]Madstyle - Fine Sounding Seasons [kahvi169] - Rubicante
possibly a familiar name to some of you, madstyle has featured on a few netlabels around the net - finally ending up here on kahvi with a super ep. excellent production throughout, a certain aspect of perfectionism can be found, highly detailed tracks with an elektro/ambient edge - and some sentiment added for extra spice, this one is for you idm heads out there! listen and remember the summer warmth and spring rains.
Keywords: Kahvi,IDM
Downloads: 502 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]MigloJE - Ayesteeyah [kahvi174] - Rubicante
a very welcome return for the lithuanian maestro named MigloJE. this time around we have an ambient extravaganza. in Miglo's curious, quirky but extremely well produced style. the tracks form a live performance at a festival somewhere in Lithuania, written to complement old folklore and a special place (hence the names that I cant pronounce). playtime over 90 minutes. switch off the lights, close your eyes and dream.
Keywords: Kahvi,IDM,Ambient
Downloads: 881 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Walka - Vertaa [kahvi182] - rubicante
A little change from the normal frantic (?) kahvi pace. quiet and refined, similar in style to the previous releases from migloJE. a delicate and balanced selection , a small offering entitled 'vertaa' (compare). verging on the purely ambient but with hidden elements of idm, vertaa provides a crossover of two plains - the hard and fast, more beat driven previous release and the chilled and soft ambient/idm...
Keywords: kahvi, netaudio, idm
Downloads: 377
[audio]Alessandro Pintus - Make Space EP [kahvi237] - rubicante
We've got another guest artist entering the Kahvi ranks today - italian by name and italian by style, we're used to well dressed italians, presentation being everything and this is reflected in this well presented, polished and finished ep from alessandro pintus. analogue warmth with extremely subtle micro-melodies throughout, perhaps slightly autechre by design but 100% pintus by nature. interesting, thoughtful and chilled...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 203
[audio]Aleksi Eeben - Five Fish Fingers [kahvi225] - rubicante
It seems that 2007 has been a year for the odd and strange and Five Fish Fingers is probably one of the strangest you're likely to hear from the Kahvi fold. Truly bizarre springs to mind for a couple of the tracks but there is a mark of true genius in there as well. 'Ground fish' is a prime example of craziness but then it jumps into a purely excellent piece of semi-game/semi-idm styled music, interesting, refreshing and exciting...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 19
[audio]Thomas Jerome Newton - Neglected Transient Quirks [kahvi184] - rubicante
A guest artists once again, with probably the longest name and strangest title we've seen as yet. Thomas Jerome Newton, hailing from the UK, has his roots in the early 90's and all the tracks reflect that - they're fun, amusing, interesting, quirky (hence the title) and generally something a little different to listen to. Enjoy the 'granny samples' of Ansatape to the more idm styled Friashift. Take a careful look at the track titles also and see if you can figure out what they mean! Welcome, Tho...
Keywords: experimental, kahvi
Downloads: 244
[audio]Sektor - Colour Variations [kahvi192] - rubicante
Sektor is back! After a long gap of almost a year, Sektor returns with his usual style of ambient, melodic and high quality branded electronica. a huge twelve track album contains the usual style we're familiar with but with a few interesting additions. emotions vary throughout the release ranging from hardcore and beat driven to mellow vibes with a sentimental edge. welcome home sektor.
Downloads: 463
[audio]Kenney Beltrey - Yako Emulator [kahvi248] - rubicante
#248: Kenny Beltrey / Yako Emulator M3U FMP3 Tracks : 2 Its been a long while since Kenny Beltrey last released on Kahvi, and its always a welcome change to hear some of his 'elektro-nu skool-techno-dance-idm-upbeat' works. and he doesn't disappoint with the oddly named 'yako emulator' - two tracks of his unmissable style with fast paced tracks, addictive melodies and almost-eurodance style. recommended track: spiritual technology...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 130
[audio]URL_BerdzTrack_EP_[Kahvi_162] - Rubicante
Seems to me that 2005 is the year for strange names and berdz trak certainly lives up to that statement. Anyway, names aside, this four track ep by url (a reincarnation pehaps?) is certainly *just* the Kahvi style that we're all waiting for. Arriving where Esem's release left off, a fantastic aural journey awaits you. Lively, diverse, enjoyable. What more can you ask for? Check out "from my seed she has grown" for one of my favorite tracks of this year.
Keywords: IDM, Kahvi
Downloads: 384
[audio]Pece - Riddle of the Universe [kahvi212] - rubicante
This time around we have a complete contrast to Lackluster and his works. Pece is an inspiring electro/blues/ambient/electronic style combination, and for probably the second time in kollective history, I`m breaking my own made rule to not release tracks with vocals with the superb, professional quality vocals by Zuska Grüner in `missing`. The ep consists of three tracks of sublime works - quirks, ambience, chilled and with some nice production...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; netlabel
Downloads: 173
[audio]Brioskj - Basic Emotions [kahvi224] - rubicante
brioskj, living in Italy, has turned into a fairly prolific generator of great music lately. it doesn't seem a week goes by without some kind of preview of an up and coming ep or album arrives in my mailbox. this time, for your listening pleasure, we have a nicely rounded four track ep which proves brioskj has progressed in leaps and bounds in regard to production and general quality since his earlier releases...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 280 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Alkor - Small Suburban Heartbeats [kahvi252] - rubicante
Alkor returns with the last release before the annual Kahvi Summer Break. Slightly different in style from his previous release on Kahvi, Small Suburban Heartbeats is a multi-textured, epic, ambient trip into the unknown. With tracks like 'Finally falling..' building up the expectations and setting the scene for the rest of the ep, and the truly epic and curiously named `20701` being the track of choice, I think this release has something for those die hard ambient fans along with the melodic id...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 158
[audio]Randomajestiq - Artkillah [kahvi181] - rubicante
Its been a while since we've heard anything from the Belarussian artist Randomajestiq but he's crept in upon us once again with a new ep. Six tracks of the usual classy RM styling and production, dark and moody (artkillah) to more upbeat tempos and catchy melody (magic carpet). A whole range of different styles are covered here - something for everybody.
Keywords: idm, kahvi, chillout, banana
Downloads: 363
[audio]Nova Violator - Rudi Rudi [kahvi223] - rubicante
many moons went by and all of a sudden an apparition appeared on the horizon - a reinvented 'luke the wizard' no less, this time around known as Nova Viator. A couple of huge releases suddenly arrived in the inbox. Rudi Rudi is the more unconventional of the two, with 17(!) tracks of uniqueness. I would say the best description of this release is a patchwork of 'shorts' - ranging from 40 seconds to 6 minutes long, all painting one bigger picture...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 224
[audio]Yard - Collab and Conquer [kahvi197] - rubicante
Guest artist Yard may be a familiar artist to some of you, cruising the Detroit techno scene for many moons. With his complex style of offbeat and dark montages, Yard creates a curious fusion of the oldskool techno that was hitting the airwaves at the beginning of the nineties with subtle echo's of the idm of today. Dark, moody, gothic, industrial, mellow, but all blended to a fine texture. Interesting and one to add to the 'slightly out of this world' playlist.
Keywords: kahvi, idm, chillout
Downloads: 410
[audio]Alexander Chereshnev - The Radio Box Ep [kahvi178] - rubicante
Welcome back Alexander Chereshnev with a new ep. Similarly epic to his previous ep (#140, Unknown Way) carrying on from where he left off; high quality production, progressive electronic vibes with ambience (abandoned places), beat driven goodness with an ambient edge (silver train) and commercial quality lounge (radiobox). An ep that stands out in its quality, excellent suitably deserving of your playlist.
Keywords: idm, kahvi
Downloads: 330
[audio]Crackle Creations - Eros [kahvi244] - rubicante
The last release before Kahvi v3 goes live, and this time we have (yet another) guest artist. In a similar style to the much popular 'Zilent Zpott' or 'Cardamar', Eros is fringing on the commercial side of the electronic music Kahvi releases. Easy listening, easy to get into, nice to work to, Crackle Creations have produced a very nice 6 track ep for your listening pleasure. Track of choice : 'Water Mist'...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 119
[audio]kahvi collective - Music for a Nightmare [kahvi209] - rubicante
Its time for a various artist compilation - and what artists! Saul stokes, Igneous flame (Pete Kelly), Alexander Chereshnev , Eneftze and Masse Memoire. As the name suggests, this release acts as a descriptive passage, the process of a nightmare. Mellow and chilled to begin with leading into harsh vibes, fast beats, distortion and then passing into the calm, cool, clear waters. An exciting release which is guaranteed to get the blood pumping...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; netlabel
Downloads: 353
[audio]MigloJE - Linear Emotions [kahvi163] - Rubicante
Our resident Lithuanian artist, migloJE, returns with some more enchanting and subtle sounds. similar to his previous ep released a few months ago on kahvi, linear emotions builds on more of the ambient side of things with amazing textures and a production quality on a par with 'the professionals'. Once again his chatter semi-glitch ideology makes an appearance, but for a ride with a difference give linear emotions a few listens, each time you'll find something refreshing and new.
Keywords: Kahvi,IDM,Ambient
Downloads: 14,446 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Nedavine - Finally Infinity EP [kahvi173] - Rubicante
another guest artist, this time from the US. perhaps familar to some of you, nedavine creates good solid beats but with an abstract idm finish. some interesting harsh elements mixed in with more ambient polish creates a curious ep, a slight oddity but loads of variety, nonetheless an interesting addition to the collective. once again, mp3's are included in the zip file. enjoy!
Keywords: Kahvi,IDM,Ambient
Downloads: 1,229
[audio]Saul Stokes - Live at Sausalito [kahvi199] - rubicante
The meister returns to Kahvi. As a special Christmas treat to all Kahvi listeners, Saul has given us a recording of his set from Sausalito 2006. A 45 minute, purely ambient set with all the bells and whistles, unique sounds and textures that created with Sauls' self-created sounds. Excellent production throughout with a few surprises, the release eases you into the Christmas season with analogue warmth and electronic style...
Keywords: kahvi, idm, chillout
Downloads: 324
[audio]Vostek - Clearance Instation [kahvi220] - rubicante
Some guest artist works appear this time on Kahvi Collective. Vostek was found lurking in a corner of myspace - three tracks of the kind-of-curious (air dynamics) to the sheer genius (flight of the flicker). The tracks have all the twists and turns to keep the listener involved but the extra polish and sparkle make the tracks shine. An excellent taster from Vostek, lets hope we hear more in the future.
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 213
[audio]Atmogat - Feelings Inside [kahvi206] - rubicante
another release, another guest artist. atmogat is an artist you may have come across before - those of you familiar with the netlabel scene especially. nice qualities and techniques are apparent throughout this ep, a five track exploration of industrial edges and ambient sounds. verging on the harder edge of the idm spectrum, atmogat creates deeper themes within his tracks, with added chords and that slight sentimental edge that we at kahvi adore...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; netlabel
Downloads: 468
[audio]Alkor - Describe Your Nature EP [kahvi189] - rubicante
Following on from the previous release, in a similar style, Alkor's - Describe your Nature ep, is four tracks of blissful chilled vibes with a touch of classy production. Hailing from Poland, Alkor creates a sometimes light and airy mood and a sometimes dark and claustrophic feeling. Ambient, professional and interesting to the ear. Enjoy.
Keywords: kahvi, netaudio
Downloads: 303
[audio]kahvi collective - Planet 54 [kahvi164] - Rubicante
A bit of a mixture in this VA compilation - created out of the best or most downright weird submissions I've got over the past year at Kahvi HQ. Ranging from the truly bizarre Planet 54 by Skruvmejsel to the sublime Kota Kakumi by Little Bitchard. Theres hardcore, hardfloor, chill, ambient, mellow and oldskool, something for everyone in this 10 track release. Designed to be fun, enjoy and wonder at the weirdness and delights.
Keywords: kahvi,IDM
Downloads: 750
[audio]Keed - Ogre [kahvi194] - rubicante
Another new artist, Keed Pr1 arrives on the scene - a little more underground, a little less mainstream, a little more harsh yet a little more subtle. essences of autechre are apparent in this release, with mellow influences of arovane rebounding on the slightly glitchy, slightly more challenging style. excellent production throughout make this a worthy addition to the kollectiv.
Keywords: kahvi, idm, chillout
Downloads: 1,932 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]ScannTec - The man who lives offline [kahvi222] - rubicante
an old friend returns to the fold - one of the kahvi success stories. scann-tec, recently added to the ultimae artist roster - has kindly given kahvi a selection of some of his previously unreleased works from over the years. all tracks are recorded between 1999 and 2004 and remastered in 2007. A whole variety of tracks are within, chilled and lounge to ambient and electronic. Something for everybody you might say, this small ep could be classed as a record of the crossover from scann-tecs exper...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 305
[audio]Alexey V - Above [kahvi170] - Rubicante
the second of the alexey v ep's. above is in alexey's usual style (beat driven subtleness) yet has more emotion and feel to it than his previous offering. progressive and epic, sheer delight in its ambience. easy listening and enjoyable audio from russia.
Keywords: Kahvi,IDM,Ambient
Downloads: 351
[audio]Affective Disorder - St. Dizier at Night [kahvi188] - rubicante
Welcoming Affective Disorder to Kahvi. St Dizier at Night is a journey through several audio genres, the ambient 'le pont vers l'espace' and 'soul of a cloud' to the idm 'cilkadrol' - a journey through a city at night with the smooth meeting the harsh and spikey. Excellent production meets French style. Definatley one to be added to my playlist.
Downloads: 305 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]reii - We Fade Away [kahvi246] - rubicante
Reii is the next guest artist to grace the new kahvi pages. Entirely different and slow paced to Tom Bragl in 245, Reii creates what could be said as a tribute to Autechre. Its got the glitches and the pure sine leads with no harsh edge, a good mixture when you listen to perhaps my favourite track on the release 'Two hours from home' which is a classically moody idm-boards-esque track. sentimental and designed to evoke the emotion...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 508 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Planet Boelex - Live at Netaudio London 2006 [kahvi190] - rubicante
Kahvi is honoured to welcome none other than Planet Boelex to the Kahvi shores. After hearing numerous great releases from other netlabels, Planet Boelex came over to London to perform a live set at the Netaudio Festival in Islington. All the usual qualities are there, epic sounds and textures with the that much polished vibe that we get to hear in Esem's works. A fantastic, 53 minute audio journey into Boelex's works and back.
Keywords: kahvi, netaudio
Downloads: 2,178 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]scateren - [kahvi-160] - Rubicante
kahvi is honoured to present something the world of idm has only dreamt about for the past months - a new album by none other than esem. words are not enough to define the experience you will savour - the audio feast, exclusive to kahvi collective. Esem's Scateren is a voyage of discovery, containing all the essential nuances, styles, feelings, moods and contrasts that we've grown to adore in Esem's previous releases...
Keywords: Netlabel, esem, scateren, IDM
Downloads: 1,084 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Tom Bragl - What Tone am I? [kahvi245] - rubicante
Kahvi v3 is here, and what better way to celebrate this fact than to feature an 'epic' ep by guest artist Tom Bragl. Verging on the industrial and perhaps even slightly goa in places, What tone am I? is an addictive blend of electronic beans. enjoy this fine piece of work, and enjoy Kahvi v3! Recommended track: The other freedom
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 133
[audio]Blackberry - Selected Works [kahvi215] - rubicante
2007 is turning out to be a year for not only guest artists but very talented guest artists. blackberry is no exception with four of the most involving tracks to get into. Hailing from the former east germany, perhaps we have a little of the industrial roots appearing as an influence within his music. blackberry writes: - 'blackberry - a producer and sounddesigner from germany / dresden. he predominantly creates (unusual) electronic music beyond the mainstream in all its varieties: breakbeat, ex...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; netlabel
Downloads: 209
[audio]Meso - Island Versus City [kahvi255] - rubicante
This time around its a warm welcome back to meso. after his highly acclaimed release "tunga" back at #242, I asked him if he would like to release another ep on kahvi and here is the response. "Island versus city" is one of these eps that makes kahvi great - pure idm/electronica with a heavily inspired boards of canada vibe. this five tracker has got all the pre-requisites of a cool release - sentimental and nostalgic vibes (nuuk godthab), warm analogue (ymah), early 90s feeling (viper water), a...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 179
[audio]Mystified - Big Hits [kahvi204] - rubicante
a guest release this time, from mystified. similar in style to #203, the high quality theme continues but this time with a slightly darker edge. clouds command has that subtle detail that those familiar with arovane/boards will recognise where still waiting remastered sounds a lot like mr budha building (previously featured on kahvi). definately an ep to keep coming back to - each new listen bringing out more slight details you missed the previous listen...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; netlabel
Downloads: 285
[audio]Abyssal Plains - Hemispherical Sky [kahvi210] - rubicante
after the popular premier of abyssal plains on kahvi a while back, he's back once again with a four track ep. hemispherical sky is a slightly different departure from his previous idm/ambient smoothy - this time round concentrating more on the chill and easy listening while-you-work vibe. excellence as we were expecting, long and drawn out tracks that allow you ample time to get seriously into. a seriously nice piece of work...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; netlabel
Downloads: 544
[audio]Craque - Material [kahvi249] - rubicante
Guest artist craque arrives on Kahvi Collective with a unique blend of textures and IDM elements. Five track 'Material' verges on the style of 'MigloJE'. Torus Europa sets the scene with its lush, drawn out passages of sound and textures and leads into the interesting 'strawberry jam', an atonal melody drawing on a paced bass line which makes a nice combination and the extraordinary 'organum' (my personal favourite of this release) with 'that' sample hook that fits so well with the rest of the t...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 140
[audio]Abyssal Plains - Fourth Quadrant of the Mandala [kahvi275] - rubicante
Abyssal Plains sent me an email a while back about a new album that he'd recently completed and released via digital distribution - after some tense negotiation, I can now give you a small sampler of that very album! This release sees 4 tracks from the sublime 'Fourth Quadrant of the Mandala' in the usual superb quality that we can expect from Abyssal Plains - but this time we hear Abyssal Plains crank it up a notch with some cool vibes in 'Dali Dream' (this releases track of choice for me) and ...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 362
[audio]Alexey V - Dreamology [kahvi219] - rubicante
After Planet Boelexs' sublime chilled idm, we now change the pace and hit the ambient edge. Alexey V is continually changing his style and this ep is a good example of the versatility of this Russian artist. Dreamology is a purely ambient selection, layer upon layer of atmospheric sounds with the usual Alexey V edge. Time to average the volume, lean back and float away to thirty minutes of pure delight.
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 361
[audio]Brioskj - Escape From the City [kahvi198] - rubicante
Brioskj last appeared in a various artists compilation back in release 164. After getting some excellent feedback I thought it was time that Brioskj deserved his own release. Coming from Italy, a release with spotless design and flair, ranging from ambient to idm and easy listening to more beat driven pieces. High quality production throughout, some excellent strong tracks which will certainly be a worthy addition to your permanent playlist.
Keywords: kahvi, idm, chillout
Downloads: 1,016
[audio]Aleksi Eeben - Perseverance [kahvi251] - rubicante
One of the most outlandish and experimental artists to feature on Kahvi returns with a small exerpt of his full length album 'Perserverance'. Aleksi is, as I probably said before, verging on the genius with his out of tune, apparently random melodies, but yet.. they actually work quite well. The tracks featured here are a small personally selected bunch of the more mellow and chilled tracks, still with the 'randomness', still with the completely original construction...
Keywords: kahvi; experimental
Downloads: 166
[audio]Coax - Celethyst EP [kahvi185] - rubicante
Coax, an artist you might be familiar with after being featured on other netlabels, arrives on Kahvi. Conveying all that makes summer fun and enjoyable, sunny sounds, happy beats and melodies and definately a feeling that can be classed more as upbeat and 'euphoric' rather than the sublime atmospheric offerings we're used to. A nice change, fitting for the summer weather and an emminently listenable ep which just flies by...
Downloads: 394
[audio]Coax - Aeons [kahvi247] - rubicante
Its been five months since we last heard from Coax, previous featured as part of the Christmas lineup with his classical piano 'christmas odyssey' and now he returns with an entirely electronic ep of 7 tracks. Diversity is the name around every corner: off beat epic tracks, melodic, addictive and surreal: Ambient ivnon to more break driven polaris, over to melodic lost city, addictive idm solipsism and finishing with aeons, the ep title track...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 286
[audio]Audio Cephlon - Callistemon [kahvi208] - rubicante
seems like spring is the time for short releases on kahvi collective, but that doesn't reflect on the quality of the merchandise. after the previous two track from nagz, next up an artist that seemed to vanish into the depths of the australian outback - audio cephlon. back with more of a polished sound, a vibe verging on the acid jazz (callistemon) or more beat driven delos. but for me, the ep is made by avarian dub - its got all the subtle little additions that make a track sparkle...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; netlabel
Downloads: 234
[audio]Cardamar - Glitter EP [kahvi166] - rubicante
#166a-166c Cardamar / Glitter EP [stream whole release] A special guest for this first release of 2006 - Cardamar. Those familiar with Di.FM will no doubt know of Cardamar's mixes - but did you know he was also an acclaimed producer of chill/idm? well, now you do. a small ep with three tracks of exquisite audio treats for your delectation. verging slightly on the commercial side of things but with an interesting dark slant on things...
Keywords: Kahvi, IDM
Downloads: 418
[audio]Polygon Ring / Stud / Kairaus - Colliderscope [kahvi167] - Rubicante
an ep of special significance; small and perfectly formed.. featuring two artists that rarely release but when they do it's something special - Polygon Ring and Stud. Also, Kairaus, a new artist from Finland who I met at Assembly a couple of years ago has supplied two supplemental tracks which entwine and create the whole feeling of the ep. idm and ambient excellence is yours to beyond.
Keywords: Kahvi,IDM,Ambient
Downloads: 361
[audio]kahvi collective - squiggle trigger[kahvi191] - rubicante
Another release, another various artists compilation: seven tracks and five different artists, the pick of the best submissions that didn't quite fit their own dedicated release, make up this ep. minimal melodic idm from ifyou, fast paced and high power from noise relations and melodical easy listening from mbf, all topped off with a curiously strange track by gupoppi (otherwise known as frostbyte)...
Keywords: kahvi, idm, chillout, various
Downloads: 502
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